The week gone by — June 13

After golf in the morning, I played pickleball in the afternoon.

I was feeling it afterward, especially since an ill-placed clump of sand caused me to tumble into a tennis net.

Fortunately, I managed to not do the splits as I fell, and the twinge from twisting my back was temporary, so the difficulty walking up and down the stairs was just general soreness, not an injury.

Since the demographic for golf and pickleball (particularly the latter) tends to skew toward the senior side, Suzi said the only thing missing was heading to the local council on aging to play bingo or shuffleboard.

What was next, she teased me, eating dinner at 4:30? (I actually did that in college because I had to be at the radio station at 5. The problem was the 4:30 dinners led to a lot of late-night pizza calls.)

And she was back at it the next day, asking if my plans included shuffleboard — no, I don’t know what her thing is with shuffleboard, either — out on the lido deck … although she said it was mostly because she wanted to say “lido deck.”

She’s not the first person to say I was old before my time, but is this the time to point out that she’s one day short of being four months older than I am? I believe it is. It’s not my fault that she’s more likely to act her age (as in, not 20 years older) than I am.

I warned her that if she wasn’t careful, I’d have Julie take her tickets away. And when I told her that a purser is responsible for handling the money on board the ship, she replied “They let Gopher be the purser?!?!?”

Indeed they did, and they also let him serve in Congress.

If you have no idea what I’m writing about, that’s another thing that comes with getting older — cultural references that mean less and less to more and more people.


When I went golfing, I had a chance to do something I had never done, but since I’m me and it’s golf, I failed.


Ferrari has had some rough thoughts going through her head, but closes with something we should all remember. (Along those same lines, this is a really good piece about the things we say to ourselves.)

“In the world before 2020, who would ever have thought that we could be so excited about a week in a small, quiet seaside town?” Pea Green nails it.

In honor of her husband Chad’s birthday, Savannah shares two stories about him — one his life story, the other her story.

Renata has … opinions … about food. It’s usually pretty funny when she has … opinions. Especially about food.

Meanwhile, here are 50 more thoughts from Paul. They are not all about food, but are also funny.

Jeff has some stuff to take care of before he heads back out into society.

Think of the most incompetent, clueless, obnoxious customer service you’ve ever experienced. If it was worse than Ally’s, I feel truly sorry for you.

Rosie isn’t giving summer a label, but I’m with her. (If you must give it a moniker, I like this one … no actual divorce required.)

According to Austin, Aaron and Holly had a conversation about an interesting topic.

Vee is finally going to meet her baby nephew.

Jackie has the story of a baseball player who was so good … well, you’ll have to see what one team did to avoid facing him. Also, living in 1886 pretty much sucked.

Giggles will be able to see her students again, after all.

Now that she’s through the second trimester, Claire is noticing more differences in being pregnant the second time around.

Cass got her second vaccine shot. Welcome to the club.

Graham’s youth football season is over, and he’s already thinking ahead.

Katie is a huge fan of Christmas, and for T.B.C., she wrote about the first time she did Blogmas.

Things are opening back up in Italy, and Jackie in Italy finally got to exchange Christmas gifts with a friend.

Alexis’ friend pulled a total jerk move.

Bex knew just the finishing touch her husband’s project needed.

Zoe tackles a writing “rule” I break all the time, including in the second sentence of this post.


It would be a shame to not take advantage of it!

An hour (or less).

Rocky III … so that means I’m going to get my butt kicked for not being serious before roaring back to victory at the end? At least it ends well.

Yup, I’m a tourist who probably knows nothing. I don’t care.

I’m assuming there’s some sort of evolutionary adaptation that allows jellyfish to do it. People, however … .

I’m not sure I even need sun for that.


8 thoughts on “The week gone by — June 13

  1. Oh I LOVED The Love Boat. I watched it every Friday night in my teenage years. LOL We found a couple of DVDs in the $5 bin at Walmart with a few episodes on them. We really enjoyed watching them. The thing that amazed me the most was how small the ship was compared to the huge mammoths we have today. I wish I could find more episodes on Netflix or another streaming service. Thanks for the memories Bill.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s totally a thing! Relationships (romantic or otherwise) definitely become their own entity (called a “fusion” if you’re familiar with Steven Universe). She must bring out the best in you 🥰 “Better together” is a saying for a reason!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I understand the reference to the Lido Deck. We use it, too. I’ve never played pickleball so for me it’d be something exciting and new. Thanks for including my post in your weekly roundup. All things considered I wish I’d been playing any game you mentioned, rather than shopping on a Saturday morning.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, games always beat shopping. I actually don’t know if they play pickleball on cruise ships, having never been on one. Maybe I’ll ask my mom, although it would be funny to think about her or (especially my dad) playing when they went on their Alaskan cruise a few years ago! LOL

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I played it in high school as part of gym class, and then not again until a few years ago. My wife was going away for the weekend, I was feeling like a fat slug and the town recreation department was offering it, so I decided to give it a go.


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