Lead, think or do?

There’s a question I’ve been mulling over lately — “Are you a leader, a thinker or a doer?”

Obviously, people can be a combination of the three, and any successful organization probably needs all three.

After all, a doer who doesn’t think, or who doesn’t respond to leadership, is just flailing about, and all that doing may actually be counterproductive.

A thinker who can’t do, can’t lead others to do or can’t work with a leader on getting things done is just contemplating the world without anything actually happening.

And a leader who can’t think or do probably isn’t much of a leader and probably won’t be a leader for long. All that’s left is inspiration or fear, and those both wear off after a while.

While I hope I have at least some traits of all three, my bias is toward the doers. After all, the greatest leadership and most-brilliant thoughts in the world are nothing without the people who actually get stuff done.

So which one are you?

Why should I follow you, person in suit from picture by Tumisu on Pixabay? Have you given it proper thought? Can you do what you’re asking me to do?

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