The moments we’ve lost

I’m not saying not a lot happens on our street, but when the highlights include:

— a man who jogs down the road very slowly,

— a boy who tools along on his scooter every day it’s not raining,

— the neighborhood dog coming through on his walk …

… yeah, not a lot happens on our street.

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Looking for a little adventure

We’re going to Lowe’s.

Because we actually got the leaf guy to come last fall, we don’t need him now, but when he comes in the spring, he also cleans up the yard and puts down mulch.

Instead, Suzi and I going to do it, but we need mulch.

Hence the trip to Lowe’s. (We’re also going to order takeout from the nearby Cheesecake Factory.)

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How are you keeping yourself sane?

How do you keep yourself sane?” was an interesting question two years ago. It’s a really interesting, and likely far more difficult question to answer, now.

It should tell you something about my personality that one of my least-favorite expressions is “Don’t worry about the things you can’t control.”

After all, the alternative is to worry about things I can control, and what’s the point of that, since I control them?

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Anything is possible, until it isn’t

First the was the flight — overnight, over water, over-tired me at the end because I didn’t sleep.

Then there was the train from the airport to the hotel, keeping an eye on our luggage so it didn’t roll away.

Then, before everything else, there was this view out the hotel room window.

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Flying solo

When you hear someone talking, and you don’t expect to hear someone talking, and you can’t figure out where the talking is coming from, it can get kind of unnerving.

I finally found him, standing on the porch, but it took a few seconds to realize he was talking to his dog, saying to go back inside because it was too cold.

A few seconds later, I turned around, and the guy was pulling up his coat, dog on the leash in front of him.

Because the dog always wins.

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Not so wild, not so crazy, not so bad

We were bored in the way that college kids with way too much energy way too late at night and not much going on can be, so we decided to do something about it.

Although there were more than us that could even comfortably fit into the station wagon Kit was driving, we piled in and drove to the local casino.

Not so much to gamble, mind you, but to … walk around.

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A good day to stay inside

Suzi was playing the local classical music station; that was the noise I heard from the other room.

Neither of us are big listeners of classical music, but as a promo for the station said, it was kind of an oasis.

After all, the music was soothing, and no one was yelling.

And there was no news.

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Stepping out into the world

Seven cars … Suzi counted them.

Normally, the parking lot at the train station near our house is full by 8 a.m., but there was just us, the seven cars and a woman pushing a stroller.

I didn’t say anything, but she realized I noticed her passenger.

”Elderly dog,” she said.

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Back at the desk

Suzi’s upstairs, reading.

Having just gotten her 10 p.m. feeding — I also have a notice to take nighttime medication set for that time, so when she hears it go off, she knows it’s time to eat — Sasha is sitting in her chair in the living room a few feet away.

As the wind gusts outside the window, I open my iPad and sit at my desk to type.

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Saturday: Don’t say anything

It wasn’t particularly easy, but Liverpool won again.

Fans, pundits, announcers … everyone is talking about what Liverpool is about to do, as it’s all but a done deal.

As a Liverpool fan, I’ll be so excited when they wi …

… Nope, can’t do it.

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