A balloon fades: July 3

The balloons Mix and his family got for my birthday must have had the high-octane helium, because weeks afterward, they were still up against the ceiling.

They were in the kitchen, but when warmer weather brought open windows and ceiling fans, Suzi moved them to the living room.

And there they floated. One of them is still there, but the other started to lose its strength.

Then, strangely, it was in our small bedroom/office upstairs. I assumed Suzi brought it upstairs for some reason, but she said it wasn’t her. However, after seeing our cat Sasha pawing at it, we’re pretty sure how it got there.

After all, she once dragged her mouse-on-a-string toy up the stairs, and didn’t even have the boost of it floating a foot or so off the ground.

Then the balloon was next to my closet. And then my side of the bed.

I know it’s just breezes from open windows and maybe bumping into it or whatever, but given the way I anthropomorphize everything, it’s almost like it wants to be near me.

What I wrote

Sometimes, songs just hit you a certain way.

Stuff I read

Pea Green’s younger son turned 7.

Kat reminds us that teen angst is nothing new.

Jeff came across something absolutely frightening.

Kristian loves sunrises and sunsets.

Renata prefers meetings to emails. It’s … a choice.

Pepper’s daughter is still having problems, but she has an idea …

Graham writes about season tickets, but also about the question of what loyalty means.

Giggles got things sorted with her work crush.

Savannah’s summer goals include getting outside while the getting outside is good.

Christina is OK, but the process of finding out was difficult.

Becky had a fun trip to Maine. She also got COVID.

Vee is moving.

Cama argues with herself before writing. My argument is basically “Why do I want to write this? It’ll never be as good as it is in my head.”

It wasn’t supposed to work that way for Pamela, but it did.

I will never play pickleball the way River describes.

Tweets I liked

And there always is some.

This is very good news.

Cats … in one tweet.

What’s the penalty for going the wrong way?

I do like the thought of that.


7 thoughts on “A balloon fades: July 3

  1. Some balloons have minds (and spirits) of their own. Our daughter gave a balloon like yours to my guy for his birthday in December – at her house. It didn’t come down from their HIGH bedroom ceiling (and how did it get THERE?) until April!! Hey balloons don’t want to die either. Thanks for the mention.

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