Unfashionably fashionable

Suzi recently told me she had seen evidence that I was fashionable.

Since my usual sense of fashion consists mostly of asking if my clothes fit, match and are appropriate for what I’m doing, “fashionable” is not a word that usually describes me.

What can I say? Not everyone can pull off a Canadian tuxedo … in Louisiana, no less.

Except I wasn’t fashionable due to any sartorial splendor. Instead, it was that the main daily newspaper around these parts realized lots of people are playing pickleball now.

“If you are not currently a pickleball fanatic, you probably know someone who is, because it is growing at a rate that is almost unprecedented in the history of American sports, and it’s not just for retirees anymore.

… And there are indications that this year could see an even bigger jump, because after conquering the rest of the country, it has finally arrived in the Northeast in a big way.

“Pickleball is growing at an almost unprecedented rate in the history of American sports,” The Boston Globe

It’s not quite at the level of “Soccer is the next big thing in the United States!” which has been the case for going on 50 years — depending on your definition of “big thing,” you may think this has already happened — but this isn’t the first story I’ve seen about the increased popularity of pickleball.

In fact, it was a brief item in our local weekly that reminded me of a game that I played a little bit during gym class in high school and then forgot for the better part of 30 years.

And that part about “it’s not just for retirees anymore”? I’ve seen that, too, but the description of the younger set, particularly my generation, is oddly specific. (Emphasis mine.)

“It was the boomers’ best-kept secret, but now it’s out,” said Katie Coakley, 33, the senior director of operations for PKL, who said the facility draws crowds of millennials and their older cohort Gen Z in the evenings, and Gen X on weekend mornings, when they come to play with their kids (and perhaps sip a cocktail while their kids play).”

Maybe they do things differently in Somerville, but since I don’t have children or drink, does that mean that even when I’m fashionable, I’m doing it wrong?


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