The week gone by — Aug. 8

Life is full of choices, and Aaron has provided us with this one.

If you could have free, unlimited service for five years from an extremely good cook, chauffeur, housekeeper, masseuse or personal secretary, which would you choose?

Aaron asks interesting questions every week to be answered on Sundays. I usually don’t partake because I’m writing … this … but I figured I’d give this one a go.

A masseuse would be nice, but seems frivolous — I know, it’s free, I’m not supposed to care, but I think about these things — and my life isn’t nearly active enough to need a personal secretary.

That leaves cook, chauffeur and housekeeper. If Suzi said she didn’t want to cook for the next five years, I’d choose a cook, but otherwise, I have no complaints about what we eat.

Years ago, we were taking an early flight to the airport, so we made arrangements for a cab, but the “cab” wound up being a limo driven by a 6-foot blonde with a trench coat and high heels.

No, this isn’t a joke or the plot of a certain kind of movie. It really happened, and we thought it was hilarious. It might be fun if we could get that service all the time, but we don’t drive enough these days to require a chauffeur.

So I guess I’d pick the housekeeper. After all, there’s pretty much always something to do around the house.

What I wrote

What’s something (or someone) you enjoy, even though you know it has lots of problems?

What do you believe in? That’s a question I worked with some of my best blogging pals to answer. Many thanks to Jeff, T.B.C., Michelle O., Kristian, Pea Green, Rosie, Cama, Alexia, Renata and Pepper for taking part!

In addition, Jeff recruited his comrades Emily and Thomas to weigh in.

Erin also shared her thoughts.

Stuff I read

Ryan’s a former coworker, and one of the good guys.

A sad face mask bares its soul to Austin.

Becky went to her first baseball game in two years … an important milestone, indeed.

Savannah threw a housewarming party, something we said we were going to do, but never did. Is six years too long to wait?

Giggles has made it to Ottawa. I still haven’t been able to get my crown from her.

Rosie went to Lake George, which, even though I haven’t gone much, isn’t all that far from where I grew up.

Vee has a new family member.

Pepper has a tough decision to make.

Michelle pretended to be a man … and found it to be pretty interesting.

If you wait for lucky numbers to come up, is that cheating? Ally wants to know.

Thanks to Kristian (and the Dane Cook video in a previous post that explained it), I now know about “The Nothing Fight.”

Giulia writes on memories and what they mean.

BereavedSingleDad has had plenty of reasons to sigh lately.

Jackie in Italy got her second shot.

Everything is chaos, but someone lent The Huntress a hand.

Zoe was ready for vacation. Her body had other ideas.

Tweets I liked

I’m surprised they haven’t tried this trick at a U.S. Open.

My first favorite baseball player, and he homered in the first game I ever saw in person.

How my left knee feels most days.

There is savage, and then there’s this.

There’s really no winning. Whether you plan every minute or do nothing, you’ll still be at the end wondering where all the time went.

Same, which is why they’re not in my house.

Cats are the best, and cows aren’t bad, either.


12 thoughts on “The week gone by — Aug. 8

  1. Toss up between housekeeper and personal secretary but I think if I had to choose one I’d say housekeeper then personal secretary! I really only maintain my house but having someone come in every week to do a good clean would free up so much time and guilt for me. Personal secretary /assistant bc apparently I need one as I’ve been treating my little sister as one for 35 years LOL she calls me high maintenance and I don’t disagree, sadly lol

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