The week gone by — Dec. 6

I think we experienced a miracle.

As part of our effort to more fully lean into Christmas, Suzi and I made the 45-minute drive to Boston to see the Christmas lights.

After parking in the underground garage at Boston Common, we saw the city’s Christmas tree — as always, from Nova Scotia — then circled up Beacon Hill to the State House.


We then crossed the street to see the lights at the Public Garden, and other than people not wearing masks — a minority for sure, and it was outside, but c’mon, there were still a fair number of people around — it was an enjoyable way to spend part of an unusually pleasant early December late afternoon/early evening.

Once we had our fill of the lights, we walked to the nearby P.F. Chang’s, where the dinner we had ordered before we left home was waiting for us to pick up, and then drove the 45 minutes home. 


During that whole time, we never got stuck in traffic, never got tied up by construction and had no trouble getting in or out of a parking spot.

Like I said … a miracle.

Boston Christmas


I’ve had a bunch of partially formed ideas swimming around my head, some of which may still come to fruition, but this flashback to high school dances was the only thing I was able to bring in for a landing.


You want to know what good writing is? Whenever Austin writes about Aaron and Holly, I want to grab Aaron by the shoulders and shake him so maybe he’ll realize what’s right in front of him (even when they’re observing proper social distancing).

Fizz is back!

Ferrari wrote about the heartbreak of miscarriage. Ali wrote about the grief of losing her mother. Neither are easy reads, but they’re both absolutely worth reading.

Renata’s family has a lot of holiday traditions, and Helen has a few favorites from her childhood.

T.B.C. is doing a series of Christmas Collaborations, starting with Katie of Life With KtKinnes  explaining why she loves Christmas.

Pea Green offers useful information and tips on inclusion.

Becky looks back on predictions from 10 years ago.

Rosie tells you all you need to know holiday coffees … and admits she has never had egg nog. (I found this astounding, but she said it seems gross to her.)

Vee put up her first Christmas tree, and is pondering an idea.

Savannah got back on the horse of her fitness program.

Ashley is looking on the bright side.

Michelle’s mom … Michelle’s mom said a thing.

Zoe doesn’t want to get married or have children, but just in case … .


Important lessons can come anywhere and any time.

Writers write … math people do math. It’s basic science.

Her hair was better than my mustache, and I can prove it.

Try a little tenderness … .

If you’re going to do Boston, you must be authentic.

Precision is important.

Meanwhile, in Canada …

Something I manage to do once in a while.

This is either the source of much panic in the Hallmark offices or the inspiration for a dozen movies starting next October.

There is no collection of 12 people on God’s green earth who would all choose find him guilty for throwing the offender under a train.

10 thoughts on “The week gone by — Dec. 6

    1. We’re big fans of Christmas lights, and are planning trips to see lights the next two weekends, although we had to switch them up a little bit to avoid out-of-state displays. Fortunately, there are a lot of them around here. 🙂

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