The week gone by — July 19

When Suzi and I started dating, we lived about two hours apart, me in New York and her in Connecticut.

At first, I had an old car, so I took the bus, but even after I got a newer one that I trusted a bit more, I still borrowed my mom’s cellphone — which at that time was just something to use during emergencies — whenever I drove to Connecticut.


Thirty miles on the Mass Pike.

Thirty miles between exits in the Berkshires.

Thirty miles seemingly in the middle of nowhere, where I was convinced that if I broke down, no one would ever find me.

As it turns out, there are actually towns relatively close to that 30 miles of road, where an exit might come in handy …

… except residents don’t want one.

“This is the area where the exit is supposed to come out,” he told me as we pulled up to what might have been. “I don’t want the interchange. I think the rural nature would be lost.”

When I asked what he would say to those who argue that it’s time to join the 21st century, he smiled and replied: “I’m saying I want to live in the 18th century! How’s that sound? I understand that progress has to go on. And what’s going to happen by 2040, I have no idea.”

Always remember … NIMBYism is one of the most-powerful forces in the universe.


Ten years (now 16) — My annual reminder that life is not fair.

Celebrating the small victories — You know what feels good? Eating ice cream in a park on a pleasant July evening.


Florida before “Florida Man” — It may seem like the world headquarters for weird stories, but it’s the state that sparked my love of travel.


1884: Richmond Joins The Major Leagues (The Baseball Bloggess) — Based on what became of the ballpark, they should have kept the ballpark.

Things I Learned While Interviewing for Graduate School: Part 2 (Buffalo Sauce Everywhere) — Renata comes to a realization about her future.

Return To Sports Fandom (The Captain’s Speech) — Not like he could have gone if they were in Toronto, but it looks like Paul is going to be watching his Blue Jays play in … Buffalo?

A morsel of normality (Smelly Socks and Garden Peas) — Passing a major milestone.

Morning or Night Person? (Strikeouts + Sprinkles) — Don’t forget … I have the secret to being a morning person. It’s called “Get your a— out of bed.”

Beautiful summer day in the mountains (Sunshine With Savannah) — That looks nice.

Lavender Farm Adventures (Uniquely Cass) — So does this.

Welcome to corporate, kid (Millennial Life Crisis) — I liked having my own office.

5 Things To Do When You Get Laid Off (Rosie Culture) — No. 4 … I suck at No. 4.

If you want to learn about the worst in human nature, work in a service business.

Nature is healing.


Me too.

I know the names of more dogs than people in my neighborhood, and I only know a couple dogs.

Go to Wendy’s. You’ll be all set.

Sounds like a plan.

Edinburgh is nice. Maybe someday I’ll be allowed to leave the country and possibly go back.

Far beyond my meager art ability.

Be nice to people. They will remember.

If someone doesn’t laugh at your jokes, you’re wasting your time trying with them.

Do people forget this after they learn it in elementary school? (Yes, the answer is yes.)

I just wish Liverpool had kept playing so they could have broken all the records.

Yes, things are different now.

Photo by Daniel Herron on Unsplash.


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