The week gone by — Dec. 1

“How do you shop for 13 hours?” was once an actual question in an actual conversation about Black Friday.

A detailed description — 6 a.m. at Walmart, 7 a.m. wherever — commenced until I said, “No … How. Do. You. Shop. For. 13. Hours?”

It really requires stamina the likes of which I don’t possess.


As for me, while Suzi and her mom shopped, her father and I found the perfect place to spend the morning of Black Friday.

There were no lines and no shoppers.

Unfortunately, there also was no way to get my ball to hook properly, and I can normally make it hook on a rock pile.

But with Christmas season now fully underway, here we go …


Pre-Thanksgiving thoughts — It’s never a bad thing to be able to do something outdoors the day before Thanksgiving, although I think that ship’s about to sail away in the snow.

Welcome to the Department of No S**t, Sherlock — Hold on … there’s traffic on Thanksgiving weekend? (Indeed there is, especially when an accident adds about 45 minutes to your trip. No, this did not upset me at all. Why do you ask?)


Anyone can be a Masshole — Traffic can turn even the most-decent people into something they hate.


How to Talk to Girls at Parties (Jessica Wildfire) — Almost all of this should be self-explanatory, but young guys have a tendency to be stupid, so …

Not A Review: Jingle All The Way (The Captain’s Speech) — In case you’re wondering, this is for a movie he said was enjoyable, but flawed.

The Art of the Bullsh*t (CP Falcone) — It is an art, the same way modern art is an art. (See below)

Let Sadness Be (Sunshine With Savannah) — I actually should have posted this last week, but it’s my blog and my blog post so I’ll do it now.

Getting pregnant to ‘trap a man’ is THE WORST IDEA ever. (Millennial Life Crisis) — Yeah, this story is nuckinfuts.

Breaking Up With Your Ex’s Family (Rosie Culture) — This didn’t really happen to me in any of my breakups, which is fine by me.

Festival of Trees (Strikeouts + Sprinkles) — You think you’re a planner?

Attitude of Gratitude (Buffalo Sauce Everywhere) — Sometimes it’s the big things, and sometimes it’s the little ones.

I used to work in the same company as one of these folks.


What’s yours?

You mean there’s a different answer?

Modern art is a waste of time. (That’s the opinion, not my view of this tweet as modern art and, therefore, a waste of time.)


I’m going to give it a shot, but in the same way not everything I wrote during Blogtober was about Halloween, I don’t know if I’ll be able to do 25 days of posts solely about Christmas.

Well, maybe I could, but a fair percentage of them would … oh, what’s that word?

Oh yes … “suck.”

6 thoughts on “The week gone by — Dec. 1

      1. We did as well! Usual Thanksgiving and Black Friday craziness. I love the fact that you went blowing on Black Friday…that sounds like a blast! Shopping was fun, but also anxiety inducing haha

        Liked by 1 person

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