Treasures in the basement

Time has not yet begun, not without Opening Day, and we don’t know when it will.

And with the exception of those praying for more time for themselves or their loved ones and the heroes racing to save the lives of others, most of us seem to be losing all sense of time in a month that feels like it may never end.

But even if baseball is way down the list of what’s important, it’s still the (hopefully temporary) loss of a constant companion.

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Totems of childhood

I had plenty of stuff to keep me occupied as a kid, but four things were particularly important: a Wiffle ball and bat, a bicycle, a sled (preferably of the plastic variety) and a NERF football.

Plus a basketball, but that came a little later, after my father built a hoop, first on the garage and then at the end of the driveway.

It was a time when if you wanted to do something outside in the small town I grew up in during the 1970s and ’80s, you just went outside, and with those, I was sorted all year long.

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A poultry problem at the ballpark

When you’ve been married for a long time — for Suzi and I it will be 17 years later this month — disagreements are inevitable.

In our case, it’s mostly because she still doesn’t understand that I’m right all the time.

OK, most of the time.

OK, some of the time.

OK, on occasion I’m convinced I’m right … probably.

But I wasn’t expecting our domestic tranquility to be threatened by …

… a dancing chicken.

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The worst game ever

It was likely in the wee small hours of an October morning in 2004, and I was not happy.

As I was spitting and sputtering before going to bed, my wife Suzi tried to tell me there was no need to be upset.

After all, the Yankees only needed to win one more game.

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Photo gallery: Steinbrenner Field

In honor of the Yankees’ first spring training game today, here are photos from what was called Legends Field when my wife and I visited.

A friendly worker let us into the office to see the World Series trophies, and while we walked around, we never got a chance to go to a game there. We were told that if we really wanted to get tickets, people scalped them in the lot across the street, but I always worry I’m going to be the one guy who gets busted for buying scalped tickets.

My uncle makes the trip every year; in fact, I think he’s leaving for Tampa soon.

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A crazy Christmas gift for a boring person

Who doesn’t love Christmas ugly-sweater parties?

Me, that’s who.

I have nothing against people who do love them, but what most people see as “fun, silly activity with family and friends,” I see as “way for me to choose to look ridiculous when I can pretty much do that living my life.”

I don’t like dancing for pretty much the same reason.

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Here we (and the Yankees) are again

Exactly one year ago, I wrote this.

Of course it’s not fun. It’s gut-wrenching agony, knowing that one bad pitch or one instance of not scoring with runners on first and second with no one out (tonight would not be a good night for the return of the #rispfail hashtag) could mean the end of the season. Tonight is going to be a difficult evening.

Then the conversation reached its obvious conclusion … that the jangled nerves are what make it fun.

And now, here we are again. The Yankees are hosting the American League Wild Card Game again, this time against Oakland.

Luis Severino will be on the mound again.

Nerves will be jangled again. It will be fun again.

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I like baseball … because I like baseball

The first thing I liked about baseball was playing it.

That shouldn’t be much of a revelation, but reading an article in The Comeback about what some of its staff writers like about baseball actually made me think about it.

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New York, New York: Fifteen minutes, or one day, more

If we had only stayed 15 minutes longer …

My wife and I had once worried that today’s Yankees game against Oakland would be a washout, but it actually didn’t rain at all during the game, and our seats were under cover.

However, it was just chilly enough, with just enough of a breeze, to be cold, especially after four hours of baseball.

So we decided to leave after the 10th inning.

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