Basketball in tight spaces

I kicked a guy in the back.

He then turned around and elbowed me in the knee.

No, we weren’t fighting. We were getting settled in before the Connecticut-Ohio State women’s basketball game yesterday.

Apologies were exchanged. I said we were even.

Welcome to Gampel Pavilion.

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Nope … not a mom, and my jumper stinks

I got an email at work today — “We all know those busy powerhouse moms that do it all! You may even be one of them!”

Said email also addressed me by name … my first name. Anyone know a woman named Bill? I don’t.

It was probably a testament to the wonders of mail merge or whatever automation is used to send out those emails, but humans haven’t always been great in this regard, either. Continue reading “Nope … not a mom, and my jumper stinks”

You want to debate dominance? Fine, let’s do it

Several years ago, my mother proclaimed that she wasn’t going to watch NASCAR anymore because “Jimmie Johnson won all the time.”

This, as I tried to point out to her, from a woman who was a fan of Jeff Gordon.

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