The decision I never thought I’d make

If there was one thing I was certain about as a teenager, it was that I would go to Syracuse University.

After all, I was going to be a sports announcer, and Syracuse had the best school for that in the business. The list of alumni proves that.

But for a kid growing up near Albany, Syracuse was my school — the school of Don McPherson playing quarterback and “Pearl” Washington at point guard.

So of course I was going to go there …

… until the day I wasn’t.

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Different time, different places

As of about a month ago, it looks like Liz from Am I Thirty Yet was having just a little bit of culture shock moving from New York City to somewhere upstate.

Since I grew up in a little town upstate — I’m guessing fairly close to where she is now, although I don’t know where, since she refers to the Catskills — I found the post to be both funny and a little thought-provoking about the things you find normal but others find unusual.

For example, it wasn’t something I gave much thought to, and fortunately had little no experience with, but growing up, all I knew was volunteer firefighters, including several of my relatives.

But what are some of the things I’ve found different over the years, even little things, in the larger places I’ve lived in or gone since then?

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You can change everything but memories

I don’t remember a lot about my college graduation ceremony, but I do remember that right after I walked across the stage to receive my Utica College diploma, I was trying to find friends in the bleachers.

I wasn’t having a lot of luck, and was probably staggering around and holding up the line until my friend Kristen — who I walked in with and who was right behind me — grabbed me by the shoulders.

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