Sunday in the rain

As my wife and I were walking to dinner, she noticed an above-the-street business that advertised in neon lights that it was home to both a psychic and a life coach.

If that’s the same person, psychics were real and he or she was good at both, that would be pretty awesome. Someone could tell you what’s going to happen, and then how to deal with it.

Of course, that person would probably be able to afford a better space than a random walkup spot near Chelsea.

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New York, New York: What a day

I had to know what was going on at the Majestic Delicatessen Cafe.

Not specifically what was happening inside — I’ve never set foot in the place — but what was being promoted there, after my buddy Craig wrote one of the funniest replies I’ve ever seen to a Facebook post I wrote last year. Continue reading “New York, New York: What a day”