The ‘Games’ were popular, but I wasn’t interested

One day, I was living my life, doing my thing … and a TV show called “Squid Game” showed up.

Where did this come from? I know the literal answer is South Korea, but I mean it in the looking-around-confused, “Where did this come from?” sort of way.

I haven’t watched it and don’t really plan to, although if you try to call during the “Succession” premiere Sunday night, I’ll hurt you.

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The week gone by — Feb. 7

Every weekday afternoon, Suzi and I watch “BBC World News America” on our local PBS station.

Katty Kay is the regular anchor, but her usual Friday fill-in, Laura Trevelyan, was at the desk last week. That had us wondering who might cover last Friday: Nada Tawfik, Larry Madowo, the woman whose name I can never remember …

… “You,” Suzi said.

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The week gone by — Nov. 15

I wanted to watch something, probably a NASCAR race, that Suzi wasn’t interested in, so I went into the other room.

When it was over, Suzi had something I didn’t recognize on the living room TV.

”What are you watching?” I asked.

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Me, in five television shows

Suzi learned about “The Big Bang Theory” before I did.

She had gone to her parents’ house without me one weekend right after the reruns had come out on syndication, and her mother had gotten hooked, which got Suzi hooked.

And then, Suzi got me hooked.

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Screwing up my own revenge

Who doesn’t have someone from their past, or present, that they can’t stand?

Maybe it’s the high school or college classmate who was a bully.

Maybe it’s the obnoxious boss who made work a nightmare.

Maybe it’s someone who was a friend before a falling-out.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get revenge on them, somehow?

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A ‘basic’ rule … I’ll do me, you do you

My wife and I noticed the line was starting to form outside Brookline Booksmith a little after 4 p.m.

As we were eating pizza and meatballs across the street at Otto, we watched the line grow until it extended around the corner of the building and down to the end of the block.

Turns out, a lot of people wanted to see Stassi Schroeder.

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Photo gallery: The Newseum

When my wife and I were on vacation in Washington, D.C., not quite 10 years ago, we were going to spend one morning at The Newseum and then check out an Asian art display she was interested in at another museum.

We never made it to that other museum.

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What shall I do with this wondrous gift?

In any organization, no matter how dysfunctional, there is always at least one person — and it often is only one person — who has a clue.

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