The decision I never thought I’d make

If there was one thing I was certain about as a teenager, it was that I would go to Syracuse University.

After all, I was going to be a sports announcer, and Syracuse had the best school for that in the business. The list of alumni proves that.

But for a kid growing up near Albany, Syracuse was my school — the school of Don McPherson playing quarterback and “Pearl” Washington at point guard.

So of course I was going to go there …

… until the day I wasn’t.

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That tweet did not mean what someone thought it meant

You never know what it’s going to be when the little bell with a blue number at the bottom of Twitter has in store.

It could be a new follower. It could be someone liking or retweeting what you wrote. It could be a comment on how brilliant you are, or how stupid you are.

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Meet Big Orange

A function of growing up a fan of Syracuse University and attending a college founded by and formerly a part of SU (Utica College) is that the opportunity to acquire lots of orange gear.

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Syracuse … UConn … Madison Square Garden … enough said

Syracuse and UConn are playing at Madison Square Garden, so of course they were just talking on ESPN about their six-overtime epic in 2009.

I remember that I was going to go to bed after the second or third overtime, but stayed up, thinking, “I’ve come this far. I might as well stay until the end.”

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