Another escape to the beach

Dogs … everywhere you looked, there were dogs.

Big dogs, little dogs … sometimes little dogs with big dogs … and when one dog saw another dog, they had to come together for a confab or a chase.

Lots were on leashes, but lots weren’t. That usually annoys me — large, jumpy dogs make me antsy and therefore don’t like when they’re running around loose — but everyone looked like they were having fun and I was in too good of a mood to complain.

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Maybe … that’s ‘normal’ in the distance

Looking at the beer list over our head — the one that started with “Get Maxxinated!” — Suzi said she found the one for me, which is interesting, since I don’t drink.

Passionately Sour.

After an excellent lunch of chicken schnitzel and mashed potatoes, I had my mask on since we were about to leave, but my mouth didn’t need to be visible for Suzi to see what I thought of her suggestion.

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Time to leave the house, everybody!

And … exhale.

When your only recreation outside the house is walking, chilly, gloomy days make you feel cooped up, held inside the four walls.

However, when the sun comes out and the temperature is warmer, it feels like a release … like you and the world are breathing normally again.

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Family issues over lunch

The scene at the Portsmouth Gas Light was reminiscent of the rap battles between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton in “Hamilton” …

… except that it was in a restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire …

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The bridge on the other side

Right before you turn left to go up the hill toward my house, there’s a spot where there’s a nice view between the tree branches of the Assabet River.

When I looked recently, I noticed there was a bridge on the other side.

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Winter is going to end soon … right?

“Don’t look outside,” my wife yelled from upstairs as I ate breakfast and read the newspaper this morning, therefore, of course, ensuring I would do just that.

And when I turned my head to the right, there were giant snowflakes falling on my front lawn.

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