The only four people in the world

Maybe it’s not happening in Boston — after all, it’s a fairly big, crowded city — but where I live, people largely know proper walking etiquette these days.

Furthermore, although there are signs at trail entrances, it seems common sense was enough for people to figure out that they should stay away from other groups, walk single file where possible, stay on one side … and so on.

But not everyone.

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The little things you notice

Suzi was upstairs taking an online yoga class when the delivery man came with the dumbbells she had ordered … because the one she lives with isn’t enough.

I stood just inside the storm door so I could crack it open and take the box, but instead, he set it down on the step, gave me a wave and walked away.

I let him get about halfway to the road before I grabbed it and brought it inside.

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Stepping out into the world

Seven cars … Suzi counted them.

Normally, the parking lot at the train station near our house is full by 8 a.m., but there was just us, the seven cars and a woman pushing a stroller.

I didn’t say anything, but she realized I noticed her passenger.

”Elderly dog,” she said.

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