What exactly are you trying to sell me?

As my wife and I headed through various western Massachusetts towns on the way to Easter dinner, we passed a bowling alley.

I hope it was real bowling and not that fake candlepin stuff they peddle in the rest of the state, but what was of greater interest was something on the sign intended to be a selling point …

… “automatic scoring.”

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Waiting … hoping school would close

To all the young folk out there, your old pal Bill has an admission to make.

When people my age talk about walking to school uphill both ways in the snow, we’re lying.

Walking was only a last resort when the chains on the tires of the school bus wouldn’t suffice and there weren’t enough wooly mammoths to go around.

Because we never canceled school for snow.


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‘Moondance’ and college radio memories

The teacher of my exercise class likes to dip into her varied music collection while leading us in stretching at the end of the class, which is how I heard Van Morrison’s “Moondance” last night.

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A favorite birthday memory

My last year of graduate school, I was an intern in the newsroom at WAMC-Northeast Public Radio in Albany, New York.

It was roughly 20 hours a week in the afternoons, and I absolutely loved it, so much that when they offered me a chance to do the same job, but paid, for a few months after the internship ended to help cover for some absences, I couldn’t agree fast enough.

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