When your life catches you off-guard

Not to get too inside baseball about how I do this here blog, but on Wednesdays I either post something I wrote years ago or something based on what I’ve written before — hence the “Written in Past Lives” tag.

Unless there’s something specific that I know I want to revisit, I basically just poke through my old stuff to see if there’s something that grabs my attention.

Which brings me to last August.

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They don’t miss a trick

Most of the deliveries we get of actual value — also known as Suzi’s way-too-small whatever in a way-too-large box, plus sometimes books — is delivered by UPS, FedEx or random person someone hired to drop it off.

Most of what comes to our mailbox that’s not her Boden deliveries or bills is trying to sell us something, about 85 percent of which goes immediately into recycling.

But the other day, we got something refrigerator-worthy … next year’s Portland Sea Dogs schedule.

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Oregon Adventures: A surprise on the second day

Our plans for the day were to start with the International Rose Test Garden before heading down into Portland.

We weren’t planning on going to Pittock Mansion, but after we found out it supposedly had the best views of Portland, we decided to check it out, since it was just a short drive away.

And once we were there, we decided we might as well see the mansion.

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Oregon Adventures: Greetings off an airplane wing

After close to six hours flying over Canada from Boston, our plane made the left turn, down through Washington and into Oregon.

As we were descending toward Portland, maybe about 13,000 feet up there it was … a mountain just off the wing.

Friends of mine thought it might have been Mount Hood, but regardless, that’s a pretty good welcome.

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