Pizza and ice cream? What could be better?

There was a line for the pizza at Derosier’s in Freeport, Maine, but that wasn’t our line.

Our line was for the ice cream. They serve sundaes in Chinese take-out containers, and my combo of cookie dough, cookies and cream and deep-dish apple pie (yup, that’s a flavor) with whipped cream, nuts and peanut better was awesome.

The young woman behind the counter could have probably used some help, but she was giving it her all.

But whether Derosier’s is a pizza place that sells ice cream or an ice cream place that sells people, it raises what to me is an obvious question.

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A 1972 vintage, perhaps?

I’m up for pizza pretty much whenever, but what pulled me into Olde Line in Lincoln City, Oregon, wasn’t just that it seemed like a good idea for lunch.

It was the sign that said “vintage bowling.”

As a child of the upstate New York bowling culture of the 1980s, I had to see what that meant. Were there manual scorecards, or if they wanted to go really old-school, human pinsetters?

Suzi just wondered if the vintage bowling also made me vintage, and joked that if I was, maybe it would make me popular with the hipsters.

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