Not the usual holidays

Inspired by a post from April 21, 2019, about our friends’ Passover Seder.

Our friends’ Passover Seder, a celebration less about any particular religion — everyone, Jewish or not, takes part in the rituals — than about spending time with their family and the local “family” that they’ve built and that we’re lucky enough to be part of (and eating ungodly amounts of food) would have been this week.

Except for … you know.

Also, the chicken matzo ball soup will have to wait this year.

I think she even had a new, larger pot for it.

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Food, “family,” fun and fellowship

While the children played in the living room, the six adults sat around the table for the Passover reading from the Haggadah sponsored by Maxwell House.

It’s an old family Haggadah is what I’m trying to say.

Our hosts’ older child read The Four Questions, and someone joked that if we were following it to the letter, we’d probably all be pretty hammered drinking four full glasses of wine.

I stuck to grape juice, myself. It’s really sweet. That and the mango took the edge off the bitter herbs and the horseradish.

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