Happy Canada Day!

In honor of today’s Canada Day — we were in Montreal and Ottawa right before last year’s 150th anniversary of confederation — here are some photo highlights of my trips to those cities, as well as Toronto, Quebec City and Vancouver. Continue reading “Happy Canada Day!”


Relationship status — traveling

A post on Rosie Culture uses an interesting term to describe not lingering so long on past travels that it keeps you from living in the here and now — “breaking up” with where you’ve been.

“I’ve said goodbye, for now, and visit the happy memories every once in a while. But I won’t spend time yearning for something that once was.”

But what if we looked at our travels like they were dates? What would that look like? (I should say these are my own opinions from my own trips. Your mileage may vary.) Continue reading “Relationship status — traveling”

Boredom at the airport is good

I had always thought airport layovers were because I either couldn’t get there from here without stopping or because the mid-trip lounging at somewhere other than my destination was worth the money we were saving.

Apparently not. Continue reading “Boredom at the airport is good”

Beginnings and endings on New Year’s Day

I know that today is the first day of the year, but Jan. 1 feels more like the end of something than the beginning.

It’s the end of the holiday season, a two-month sprint from Halloween packed with travel, family, events, parties, shopping, bowl games and resolutions (although my gym was pretty empty tonight). Continue reading “Beginnings and endings on New Year’s Day”