Soccer in the rain

The result was pretty much a foregone conclusion, but for those interested in the details — the U.S. women’s soccer team beat Mexico 4-0.

Sisters Kristie and Samantha Mewis — the pride of Whitman-Hanson Regional High School in Massachusetts — opened the scoring, with Kristie setting up Samantha.

Christen Press scored two goals, and Tobin Heath connected on a rocket shortly after coming into the game, scoring right below where we were standing.

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That time I chickened out bobsledding

I was right there, at the front of the line, on the verge of hopping in a bobsled and taking a ride down the track in Lake Placid.

It wasn’t actually a full bobsled ride, just a few hundred feet and around a curve if memory serves me right. There were five people to a sled — a driver, a brakeman and three riders in between.

It looked like fun, but I walked away.

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Sports don’t always give us what we want

America loves a good redemption story, and there was one teed up for anyone watching NBC around 11 last night.

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