OK, NFL, you can go away now

The bad news is that the New England Patriots won a Super Bowl that was so boring, it may have been the on-field reason that causes me to finally chuck the NFL after I largely stopped watching it for off-field reasons.

Seriously, if the Los Angeles Rams are the best the non-Patriots league has to offer, Tom Brady may be winning Super Bowls until he’s 80.

(OK, I’ll probably still show up for next year’s Super Bowl and if the Chargers show any signs of having a clue, but still …)

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Photo gallery: Being a Chargers fan

Whether the team is in San Diego or Los Angeles, if you’re a Chargers fan, disappointment happens.

You either have the disappointment of the team being lousy, or the disappointment of them being good, and it still ending badly.

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Seven years ago, I went to Seau’s

When I woke up this morning, my Facebook Memories reminded me that seven years ago today, my wife and I went to Old Town San Diego, and also visited downtown and the waterfront.


Although I’m struggling with it having been seven years ago, it was fun, and San Diego as a whole is a beautiful city, but where we went to lunch that day was really a standout. Continue reading “Seven years ago, I went to Seau’s”

Ryan Leaf was … 20 years ago?

I once went to an event where a Denver Broncos player was coming back to his hometown.

He didn’t have much of a career, and until I looked it up, I forgotten his name (David Gamble), but he was on the Super Bowl winners and that was cool, even though I’ve never liked the Broncos, Orange Force One aside.

When I had a chance to say hello to him, I had one request … go easy on Ryan Leaf. Continue reading “Ryan Leaf was … 20 years ago?”

Out of the NFL habit

Before last Sunday’s Chargers-Patriots game, the last NFL game I watched in full was the Super Bowl.

The coming Super Bowl might be the next NFL game I watch in full. I haven’t watched much college football, either.

But since the Chargers were going to be on local TV, I figured I’d check it out. So, of course, Travis Benjamin ran backwards with a punt for a safety … because you can take the Chargers out of San Diego, but you can’t get them to stop being the Chargers. Continue reading “Out of the NFL habit”