Never thought much about borders before …

Blink, and you’ll miss it.

Look anywhere but the side of the road, and you’ll miss it.

Try very hard to run the car in front of you off the road because they’re trying to figure out where to turn and you just have to get where you’re going right now, and you’ll miss it.

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Wherever you’re going, take me with you!

I was sitting on my couch at just the right angle to get a clear view of the blue, cloudless sky outside the window.

And there, tiny in the distance, was an airplane.

Suzi and I have lived in a couple places where we were in the flight path for the local airport, including one where the runway was across the highway from the small deck on the back of our apartment.

I used to sit and watch the planes overhead. I’ve always liked watching planes.

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Different time, different places

As of about a month ago, it looks like Liz from Am I Thirty Yet was having just a little bit of culture shock moving from New York City to somewhere upstate.

Since I grew up in a little town upstate — I’m guessing fairly close to where she is now, although I don’t know where, since she refers to the Catskills — I found the post to be both funny and a little thought-provoking about the things you find normal but others find unusual.

For example, it wasn’t something I gave much thought to, and fortunately had little no experience with, but growing up, all I knew was volunteer firefighters, including several of my relatives.

But what are some of the things I’ve found different over the years, even little things, in the larger places I’ve lived in or gone since then?

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The worst game ever

It was likely in the wee small hours of an October morning in 2004, and I was not happy.

As I was spitting and sputtering before going to bed, my wife Suzi tried to tell me there was no need to be upset.

After all, the Yankees only needed to win one more game.

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‘Normal’ is what you make of it

Laundry’s going.

My wife will be grocery shopping.

Our cat Sasha was originally happy to see us, but now she’s off doing whatever it is she’s doing.

We’re home from New York, and although neither of us go back to work until Monday, things will now get back to normal.

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American symbol, American stories

There was a moment on the ferry when it hit, just as it crossed in front before making the last turn into the dock — “That’s the Statue of Liberty.”

Not that it was a surprise — after all, it’s why everyone on the boat was there — but more a moment of awe.

“That’s the Statue of Liberty.”

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Sunday in the rain

As my wife and I were walking to dinner, she noticed an above-the-street business that advertised in neon lights that it was home to both a psychic and a life coach.

If that’s the same person, psychics were real and he or she was good at both, that would be pretty awesome. Someone could tell you what’s going to happen, and then how to deal with it.

Of course, that person would probably be able to afford a better space than a random walkup spot near Chelsea.

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Phoebe Waller-Bridge and the meaning of cool

“Does this mean we’re cool?”

That was my wife’s question after reading a review — she couldn’t find the link afterward and neither could I — of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s “Fleabag” one-woman show that referred to the audience as “hipsters.”

Since we were going to see it at Soho Playhouse in New York, she wanted to know if that made us cool by proxy.

That is, of course, if you think hipsters are cool, and not (as we do) the living and now scientifically proven embodiment of “You laugh at me because I’m different. I laugh at you because you’re all the same.”

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No plan? No problem!

Decision time … at an intersection. Left or right?

“There’s a mass of humanity that way, and a mass of humanity that way.”

“You’re in Manhattan. There’s going to be a mass of humanity wherever you are.”


We went right.

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Counting down the days to New York

The trip to New York was going to happen as soon as we got tickets to Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s “Fleabag” one-woman show, but now that the train tickets are bought and the hotel room reserved, it’s just a little more real.

After missing it in London, we’re also going to see “Network” with Bryan Cranston on Broadway, and my wife found a “Times Talks” event featuring Sara Bareilles while we’re there.

So yeah, it should be good.

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