A night out, at home

I was dispatched to get the pizza.

There wasn’t any particular reason, except Suzi had taken the car out a couple days ago to go grocery shopping, and I hadn’t since the weekend, when I went to the drugstore down the hill to grab a subscription.

She figured she didn’t want to have all the fun.

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London Travels: Waiting for “Hamilton” no more

People cheered when the lights went down.

Lots of things in life come with hype — the release of a new iPhone, a certain American football game this Sunday — but how many of them come with the expectation that it be brilliant at worst, life-altering at best?

How many of them come after you’ve had to (forgive me for this one) “wait for it,” either the years it took to come to your city or an entire year since you bought the tickets and planned the travel to see it? Continue reading “London Travels: Waiting for “Hamilton” no more”