Let’s go to some games

C’mon in, there’s no social distancing here.

I know it looks like the sports room in my house, but once I close that door, it’s going to be something else.

After all, if someone is suggesting escaping … you know … by sleeping in the guest room and imagining it’s a trip, we can turn a room full of sports books, pictures and other memorabilia into a portal to where sports haven’t changed.

Just ignore the scratching. Our cat Sasha hates when I shut the door.

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OK, NFL, you can go away now

The bad news is that the New England Patriots won a Super Bowl that was so boring, it may have been the on-field reason that causes me to finally chuck the NFL after I largely stopped watching it for off-field reasons.

Seriously, if the Los Angeles Rams are the best the non-Patriots league has to offer, Tom Brady may be winning Super Bowls until he’s 80.

(OK, I’ll probably still show up for next year’s Super Bowl and if the Chargers show any signs of having a clue, but still …)

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You want to debate dominance? Fine, let’s do it

Several years ago, my mother proclaimed that she wasn’t going to watch NASCAR anymore because “Jimmie Johnson won all the time.”

This, as I tried to point out to her, from a woman who was a fan of Jeff Gordon.

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