The music that plays when the music stops for good

It’s probably not in the top 10 or 20 of things that annoy me (hmmm… have to keep that in mind when I have nothing to write about!), but I want to say “Noooooooo!!!!!” whenever I see people use “bucket list” when they mean to-do list or list of goals.

The main reason isn’t either semantic or pedantic, but because a “bucket list” is things you want to do before you die

… and I hate contemplating dying.

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If I ever get rich, I’ll be gone

Years ago, I won some scratch tickets at a work holiday party, and when my boss saw it was me, he said, “You can’t quit if you win.”

I didn’t, just like my wife and I have never won more than a couple dollars from the scratch cards my mother gets us each Christmas, just like I didn’t win the one time I’ve played Powerball.

But if we ever did come into an insane amount of money, wherever I worked would get two weeks while we set about to paying off the mortgage and seeing what real estate in London (or New York or Los Angeles) looked like for at least part of the year.

Then you’d never see me at work again.

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