Oregon Adventures: Taking me out to a ballgame

While my friends and family back east were sleeping, the Giants beat the Dodgers 3-2 in Los Angeles. More than 42,000 people were at Dodger Stadium.

Giants-Dodgers is one of the game’s great rivalries, regardless of the standings. I had the good fortune to attend one of their games a few years ago in San Francisco.

A wee bit north, 922 miles to be exact, the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes lost 12-7 to the Spokane Indians. Last season, they averaged 1,897 fans per game, at the bottom of the Northwest League. Their 2,473 average so far this year is an improvement.

But that’s where we were, because baseball is baseball.

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The ballpark in my mind, and in my memory

I look at photos of the former Heritage Park site in Colonie, New York, and I can see everything.

I can see the view from behind home plate in the photo above (massive thanks to ballparkreviews.com for that and all the other photos you’ll see here), out past the scoreboard in right-center field.

I know that Albany County Airport is across the street, just down the road.

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