OK, NFL, you can go away now

The bad news is that the New England Patriots won a Super Bowl that was so boring, it may have been the on-field reason that causes me to finally chuck the NFL after I largely stopped watching it for off-field reasons.

Seriously, if the Los Angeles Rams are the best the non-Patriots league has to offer, Tom Brady may be winning Super Bowls until he’s 80.

(OK, I’ll probably still show up for next year’s Super Bowl and if the Chargers show any signs of having a clue, but still …)

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A simple autograph, a moment to remember

For a few minutes in early March of 2006, my life’s mission was to get Ron Villone’s autograph.

Not because I had an odd affinity for middling left-handed middle relievers, but because at a typical spring training road game — the Yankees sent the bare minimum of regulars to Clearwater to play the Phillies — he was signing autographs along the foul line in right field.

And I had decided I was going to get someone’s autograph.

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Here we (and the Yankees) are again

Exactly one year ago, I wrote this.

Of course it’s not fun. It’s gut-wrenching agony, knowing that one bad pitch or one instance of not scoring with runners on first and second with no one out (tonight would not be a good night for the return of the #rispfail hashtag) could mean the end of the season. Tonight is going to be a difficult evening.

Then the conversation reached its obvious conclusion … that the jangled nerves are what make it fun.

And now, here we are again. The Yankees are hosting the American League Wild Card Game again, this time against Oakland.

Luis Severino will be on the mound again.

Nerves will be jangled again. It will be fun again.

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I like baseball … because I like baseball

The first thing I liked about baseball was playing it.

That shouldn’t be much of a revelation, but reading an article in The Comeback about what some of its staff writers like about baseball actually made me think about it.

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The men on the baseball field

At some point this spring or summer, after somewhere between three and four hours of baseball, a Yankees-Red Sox game is going to come down to the ninth inning — mostly because that always seems to happen.

Craig Kimbrel will be on the mound for the Red Sox, and Giancarlo Stanton will be at  bat for the Yankees.

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Double standards and the Baseball Hall of Fame

I confess, I never thought there would be a debate over whether players who used performance-enhancing drugs would make the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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This year had the chance to be the Yankees’ year

But here we are, so I’m going to share them.

I shouldn’t be this upset about the Yankees losing — and by “this upset,” I mean “looking for something to throw” — but the simple fact of the matter is that they were one win away from the World Series, with two games to do it, and didn’t get it done.

Yes, I know they’re supposedly “a year away.” But let me say it again … they were one game from going to the World Series this year, with two chances to get it. Continue reading “This year had the chance to be the Yankees’ year”

My apologies to Red Sox fans (sort of)

There’s no post-mortem like a losing Red Sox post-mortem, and there has never been a Red Sox losing post-mortem like in 2003, after Grady Little left Pedro Martinez in against the Yankees, and it didn’t work out so well. Continue reading “My apologies to Red Sox fans (sort of)”

The stomach-turning awesomeness of a big baseball game

A coworker asked me today if I was nervous about the Yankees-Twins playoff game tonight.

Of course I am. Yes, the Yankees are at home, had a better record than the Twins and have gotten the better of them recently, it’s one game, and anything can happen in one game. Continue reading “The stomach-turning awesomeness of a big baseball game”