A little bit of help … a little too late

I saw a job listing from a company that included the phrases “leads ideation sessions” and “drives the executional design.”

Because apparently they prefer 25-cent terms and not nickel ones like “ideas,” “brainstorming” or “execution.”

Had the listing been interesting otherwise, I might have forgive its assault on the English language and applied, but it didn’t, so I didn’t.

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Saturday: Don’t say anything

It wasn’t particularly easy, but Liverpool won again.

Fans, pundits, announcers … everyone is talking about what Liverpool is about to do, as it’s all but a done deal.

As a Liverpool fan, I’ll be so excited when they wi …

… Nope, can’t do it.

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Rejection No. 1

I got the first reply from one of my recent applications.

“We have reviewed your resume and, after careful consideration of your credentials and our position requirements, we have decided not to pursue your candidacy for this position at this time.”

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Five jobs I’d like to have

From the time I was a teenager, if not earlier, I knew I wanted to be a sports play-by-play announcer when I grew up.

I loved sports. I loved talking. I loved talking about sports, and I knew that someday I’d be able to do it better than the guys I was watching on TV.

I majored in radio/TV in college, worked at the radio station and did play-by-play for basketball games.

My career went in a different direction, but is it something I still fantasize about? Of course.

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