A good day to stay inside

Suzi was playing the local classical music station; that was the noise I heard from the other room.

Neither of us are big listeners of classical music, but as a promo for the station said, it was kind of an oasis.

After all, the music was soothing, and no one was yelling.

And there was no news.

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I’m not always ‘smart,’ even if the technology is

Because I have no desire to be Dead Employee Walking, I’ve been working at home since last week.

It has been good to be away from the office, but it can get lonesome at times, so I’ve been playing music or radio shows to keep myself company.

My phone is connected to the Amazon Echo in the kitchen, so I just choose what I want to listen to, turn on the Bluetooth to hook up the speaker and let it play.

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Past lives and reunions

For about nine months, I spent between and hour and 90 minutes every morning and afternoon mostly staring at the rear bumpers of cars.

I had started a new job before moving to where I live now, and the highway wasn’t equipped to handle the traffic, even with the addition of the breakdown lane as a traffic lane during rush hour — such a Massachusetts thing to do instead of … I don’t know, coming up with ways to lessen congestion or make it more palatable.

Also, for most of that time, there was a construction project that had been going on since approximately the first horse path was carved from the ground and may have just been finished.

Needless to say, I don’t miss it.

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Sasha’s greatest triumph

Although she once accidentally turned the oven on by walking across it, we haven’t been all that strict about keeping our cat Sasha off tables and countertops, especially if there’s no food on them.

However, there’s one thing we have consistently denied her.

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New life for an old desk

Since the foot or more of snow meant I wasn’t going anywhere — please, someone tell me again why having four seasons is awesome when one of them is winter — I spent most of the day at my dining room desk.

Sitting in my office chair, my legs barely fit, and other than a pencil I pull out from time to time, 99.9 percent of the stuff in the drawers is probably useless. I might be able to dig out a rubber band, paper clip or tack, but you also may be able to get a floppy disk from the early ‘90s if you dig hard enough.

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