My new favorite goalie

Before my buddy Mix and I went to last night’s hockey game between UMass-Lowell and UMass, was I aware that I wanted a bobblehead of Connor Hellebuyck?

Since I am neither a Winnipeg Jets fan (where he’s having a good year), a UMass-Lowell graduate nor a member of the Hellebuyck family, the answer to that would be no, even though I had heard of him. Continue reading “My new favorite goalie”

The Dallas Stars? 25 years? Yup

Remember when neutral-site games were a thing in the NHL, when teams played 84 games so everyone could play two games a season in non-NHL arenas?

Granted, the Boston Bruins playing in Providence (an hour away and the home of their AHL team) isn’t exactly “neutral,” but it also brought the Bruins and Penguins to the good people of Atlanta. Continue reading “The Dallas Stars? 25 years? Yup”

You can change everything but memories

I don’t remember a lot about my college graduation ceremony, but I do remember that right after I walked across the stage to receive my Utica College diploma, I was trying to find friends in the bleachers.

I wasn’t having a lot of luck, and was probably staggering around and holding up the line until my friend Kristen — who I walked in with and who was right behind me — grabbed me by the shoulders.

The ceremony was at the Utica Memorial Auditorium. Instead of sneaking onto the floor to see my friends graduate, I was one of the people in the caps and gowns. Continue reading “You can change everything but memories”