Christmas? In August?

Sure, it’s only mid-August, but why not get yourself a pumpkin spice latte?

And grab some Halloween candy while you’re at it.

Hey … go big! Hallmark’s Christmas movies don’t start until October, but you can listen to songs of the season right now.

And there’s a decent chance one of the HBO channels is showing “Love Actually” right now.

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Isn’t Halloween … on Halloween?

It doesn’t look great for the trick-or-treaters.

It’s warm, but it’s raining, so we’ll probably see fewer kids than usual, and we already don’t see a lot, living on a loop road on top of a hill.

I wonder if the little girl who always looks for our cat Sasha when she goes by will go out. I’m told she plans on dressing up as a cat.

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My favorite part of Halloween

True confession time … other than eating candy, I’m not really that interested in Halloween.

And since I’m trying not to eat as much candy, a lot of ours winds up in my wife’s or my office. (Plus my gym posted a chart of how many burpees you need to do to make up for each type of candy. Spoiler: a lot.)

I outgrew interest in dressing up when I was 12 or 13, and was never really into elaborate costumes, anyway. “Baseball player” was about my stride, although sometimes I’d switch it up and go “football player.”

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My annual scream into the holiday void

It starts small … seeing Thanksgiving cards next to the Halloween ones in the drugstore.

Or maybe it’s a report from your spouse that there’s egg nog in the grocery store.

But it has arrived.

Holiday Creep.

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