Nope … not a mom, and my jumper stinks

I got an email at work today — “We all know those busy powerhouse moms that do it all! You may even be one of them!”

Said email also addressed me by name … my first name. Anyone know a woman named Bill? I don’t.

It was probably a testament to the wonders of mail merge or whatever automation is used to send out those emails, but humans haven’t always been great in this regard, either. Continue reading “Nope … not a mom, and my jumper stinks”

Double standards and the Baseball Hall of Fame

I confess, I never thought there would be a debate over whether players who used performance-enhancing drugs would make the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Of course they wouldn’t. They were Bad People Who Cheated the Game, and all right-thinking people knew that, right? Continue reading “Double standards and the Baseball Hall of Fame”