It’s good to be back

I sat down at the exercise bike, set the timer, tightened the straps to position my feet just so and began to pedal.

As always, I had to stop right at the beginning to adjust my seat, but it didn’t take me wrong to settle into a nice, loose, relaxed rhythm, the type that covers “distance” quickly without feeling like I’m pushing too hard.

On my Kindle, I started reading John Connelly’s “From Peoples into Nations,” because nothing says light reading on an exercise bike quite like 900 pages on the history of Eastern Europe.

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A touch of ‘normalcy’


Only one of the people in the text group for my exercise class is in my contacts, so I don’t know who wrote it, but that’s the word she used after our first Zoom session last week.

It’s a good word.

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On Sunday, we wore pink

I think the last time I had worn pink was my junior prom 30 years ago, when my tux included a pink tie and cummerbund because my date wore a pink dress.

Because somewhere along the line, the old trope that “guys don’t wear pink” got stuck in my head, and so I just didn’t. Which is pretty stupid, because who cares?

And I also don’t run just for running’s sake, not because of any gender roles, but because I hate running.

So why was I at the starting line of a 5K … in a pink T-shirt?

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I claim this machine in the name of …

The closest I’ve come to getting into an altercation at the gym was a couple months ago.

It was with one of those guys who thinks multiple machines in a public gym are reserved for his use, even if he’s not using one or, in this case, wandering about the gym between sets.

When I got on a machine he had been using, I could see him hovering nearby, and when he asked when I’d be done, I told him soon, but that the machine didn’t belong to him if he wasn’t using it.

He snapped back that he knew that (I call bull—t on that one); I replied somehow, and that was pretty much the end of it.

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The elf should worry about people who aren’t actually working out

Dear Mr. Elf —

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