Get your cheap flights to London!

As the Brexit saga continues in the UK, I am reminded of a British Airways tweet from June 27, 2016 (that wasn’t there when I scanned their account before posting this), trying to look at the bright side of the vote to leave the European Union.

This is what you call “owning it.” 

Sure, British Airways didn’t say why American dollars have never been able to go further, but don’t we all kind of know? 

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Edinburgh Excursions: Walking a Royal Mile

At the top of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, the road running through Old Town Edinburgh, is Edinburgh Castle, which includes the Scottish Crown Jewels, the Scottish War Memorial, the Stone of Destiny and one really big cannon. Continue reading “Edinburgh Excursions: Walking a Royal Mile”

London Travels: It’s all in the messaging

Somehow, I don’t think King George was singing that his “sweet, submissive” and “loyal, royal” subjects would “be back” for the purposes of robust trade when he threatened to kill their friends and family to remind them of his love, but I’ll double-check when I see “Hamilton” Wednesday night.

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