Bam-booze-led by a gift

I’ve been to two Yankee Swap parties in my life.

The first was a work party several years ago. I had an early number, grabbed the gift I wanted — a hot chocolate set and mugs — and then watched everyone do what I knew they would do, which was spend the rest of the party swapping the booze among themselves.

There may have also been one other gift that was passed around a lot.

And that was fine with me, since I don’t drink.

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To anyone getting a Christmas gift from me, I apologize

I’m the worst gift-wrapper in the world, and I brook no arguments.

However, being a guy with fumble fingers and inability to operate tape, scissors and paper to create some sort of coherent result is usually something I have a laugh at.

Until I don’t.

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A crazy Christmas gift for a boring person

Who doesn’t love Christmas ugly-sweater parties?

Me, that’s who.

I have nothing against people who do love them, but what most people see as “fun, silly activity with family and friends,” I see as “way for me to choose to look ridiculous when I can pretty much do that living my life.”

I don’t like dancing for pretty much the same reason.

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