Little things that mean a lot when traveling

I once had pancakes in the Shannon Airport.

They weren’t diner-quality, nor what Suzi makes on our griddle at home — even though she doesn’t think hers are very good — but they were perfectly fine.

And since that an early morning flight from Ireland to Boston and the time-zone change it entailed were probably going to wreak havoc on my eating schedule, I can appreciate that they were more filling than whatever I would have otherwise picked up at the coffee shop.

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Two types of people … and one of them is nuts

If memory serves, the man showed up at the baggage check-in at T.F. Green Airport in Providence.

I think my wife and I were going to Los Angeles — Ontario, to be technical, since that was where Southwest flew — by way of Las Vegas.

Seeing the line, he was asking if someone would help him get to the front faster … as he had just gotten there, an hour before his flight.

I had exactly zero sympathy.

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I wouldn’t be interesting to watch on a plane

Apparently, there are American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and Singapore Airlines planes that have cameras in the seat-back entertainment systems.

I’m sure there might be a couple people out there who will believe the airlines when they say they have never used them and never plan to.

Never used them … maybe I’ll believe that. Never plan to …? Let’s just say that never is an awfully long time.

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Boredom at the airport is good

I had always thought airport layovers were because I either couldn’t get there from here without stopping or because the mid-trip lounging at somewhere other than my destination was worth the money we were saving.

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Dreaming of sweet airplane dreams

Ever since I first saw them while boarding a British Airways jet five years ago, I have wanted to someday fly in a seat that doubles as a bed.

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