The week gone by — Feb. 28

“I just want to wake up and it not be February,” Suzi said the other morning.

I got where she was coming from. Lately, it has felt like Punxsutawney Phil — pictured above from when I visited the town long ago — predicted six more weeks of February, and not winter, when he saw his shadow on Groundhog Day.

Although I must say, she went a little too far when she said she was tired of seeing Aaron Judge on my Yankee calendar. (Having looked at our upstairs Germany calendar, she informs me she is also tired of Dresden.)

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The February warmth … it is so fleeting

Even for me, who thinks four-seasons worship is hooey at best, the last two days have been a bit much.

Don’t get me wrong; I’ll absolutely take 70-plus degrees in February, especially since the average high in Boston typically doesn’t hit 70 until the end of May.

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