A list of concerts, just for me? That’s sweet

When I ordered tickets for my wife and I to see Maren Morris this fall, I apparently made a new friend at Live Nation.

We’ve only just met, but my amazing new pal — I believe his name is Al Gorithm — claims to know me so well that he emailed me a “personalized concert lineup” with shows just for me! Not anyone else … me!

Granted, if he really knew me he’d call, text or send me direct messages on Facebook or Twitter instead of email, but I appreciate a guy who looks out for me.

So how did he do?

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A fun night at the movies

“It’s about to get extra.”

That was what one of the guys behind my wife and I at the pre-premiere screening of “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” last night said right before Cher made her grand entrance. (Anyone who has seen or heard anything about the movie knows Cher’s in it, so I don’t think I’m spoiling anything, although I won’t mention the cameo that go me illogically excited.)

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