Get your cheap flights to London!

As the Brexit saga continues in the UK, I am reminded of a British Airways tweet from June 27, 2016 (that wasn’t there when I scanned their account before posting this), trying to look at the bright side of the vote to leave the European Union.

This is what you call “owning it.” 

Sure, British Airways didn’t say why American dollars have never been able to go further, but don’t we all kind of know? 

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England game, American fans

One of my coworkers wore his Harry Kane jersey to the office today, and made sure he bolted soon enough to catch the England-Croatia World Cup semifinal.

I had normal work attire, but worked the afternoon from my TV room, wearing the “We are England” shirt that arrived in the mail after we got home from Gardner’s house Saturday.

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England game, English life

“So you’re welcome to come down, but I will say that things might get a bit tense. Just I magine game 7 of the World Series, and then double it!”

My mate Gardner’s response to my Facebook query about getting together for today’s England-Sweden World Cup game was probably a warning.

However, I took it as an opportunity.

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London Travels: Henry VIII — the ultimate alpha male?

As we were visiting Hampton Court Palace, my wife had a question — why does Henry VIII, the palace’s most-famous former occupant — carry such cultural resonance? Continue reading “London Travels: Henry VIII — the ultimate alpha male?”

London Travels: Shannon Airport —I’m not sure I can cope

One of my wife’s and my favorite travel stories involves Shannon Airport in Ireland.

Three years ago, we had a layover there going from Boston to London, and next to the bright, sparkling duty-free shop was a terminal that looked like it had last been touched in 1974. Continue reading “London Travels: Shannon Airport —I’m not sure I can cope”

If it’s English football, it’s vitally important

Since the men’s soccer team from England could clinch its spot in next year’s World Cup in Russia as early as Thursday, The Guardian decided to do an in-depth study of … the hotel where the players will be staying.

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