Cast your vote … eat some pancakes

Suzi dropped the two envelopes into the slot, and with them our votes for president, Congress, local offices and a couple proposed laws — choices for which we filled in little bubbles while sitting at our kitchen counter.

About 30 feet away, people were lined up — masked, six feet apart — waiting to go into the town hall so they could fill in the little bubbles that represented their choices.

All of it a little more than two weeks before “Election Day.”

Things sure have changed since I was first eligible to vote 30 years ago.

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The Congressional primary at my front door

Mitt Romney called my wife to wish her a happy birthday in 2012.

Well, not exactly.

It was his (recorded) voice on the call, and it did come on my wife’s birthday, but our former governor was trying to get our vote in the Massachusetts Republican presidential primary.

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