We hardly ever get the ‘full story’

If you ask the average American what they know about South Africa, I’m going to guess the answer will probably be apartheid and Nelson Mandela.

Maybe you’ll get some people who remember then men’s soccer World Cup in 2010, or even those who — especially if the saw the movie “Invictus” or read “Playing the Enemy,” the book upon which it was based (I’ve done both) — are aware of the country’s famed Springboks national rugby team.

But apartheid and Nelson Mandela is probably what you’re going to get, mostly because that’s what we’ve heard about South Africa.

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Dreams, but whose dreams?

Updated Nov. 1

I saw an article on parents obsessed with getting their children into an Ivy League school that had me wondering when children’s desires stop being their own and start being their parents’ … and what that means.

I did a whole podcast on it, but the article was retracted because of numerous issues. Therefore, I deleted the podcast.

Some people are great teachers. I’m not one of them.

I recently got flagged for a job that I’m sure paid a good salary with good benefits, for an institution I’m guessing has plenty of resources to help someone succeed.

I probably would have applied for it if I had any interest in or qualifications for being an elementary school principal.

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Starting them young

Originally posted July 5, 2017. A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook about her son’s concern that he won’t get into a good college if he doesn’t take four AP courses as a high school junior. (He’s taking two as a sophomore.)

I’m so old — how old are you? — that when I went to school, classes started after Labor Day and graduation was at the end of June.

If I wanted to play a sport, I signed up. If I wanted to be in an activity, I signed up.

And when school let out for the summer, that was the end of it until my parents said it was time to start school shopping.

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Getting the answer can be so … unfair?

If you’re looking for rabbit holes to fall down, try searching for “What are the most stupid questions ever asked?

The questions are great, and sometimes the answers are even better.

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Close to your heart, and far away

When Utica College went into lockdown Monday, Juli Peters sent her mom a text message telling her she loved her.

It seemed “random,” Claudine Peters said of her daughter’s text. But then a few minutes later, Claudine Peters received emails from other family members asking if she had heard about the threats made Monday morning at her daughter’s college.

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