Adventures in learning to drive

I recently saw a humorous post from Bex over at BEXoxoBlog about cars and birthdays and learning to drive that inspired me to talk about some of my own experiences.

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I don’t get people, part whatever

Because no road in Massachusetts is ever truly done, I came across a resurfacing project on the way home from an appointment.

It meant the road was rough, and traffic was down to one lane because of work on the side of the road.

The officer put his hand up to stop my lane, but it was only going to be a minor inconvenience.

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Sorry … try something else

As my wife and I were driving to lunch today through a neighborhood of fancy suburban homes, we saw a few lawn signs that read “Drive like your pets live here.”

This clearly is an attempt to get the childless set to slow down, since we’re not going to drive like our kids live there if we don’t have any, right?

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Which way do I go?

The other night, I got an out-of-the-blue text from my buddy Mix inviting my wife and I over New Year’s Day.

Absolutely … it’ll be a great time. We’ll eat lots of food, watch hockey, crack jokes, make our wives cringe with how silly we can be.

And before I leave my house, I’ll do what I always do when going to Mix’s.

I’ll plug his address into the GPS on my phone.

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Farewell to the old car, hello to the new one

The car didn’t hear me say it had done good.

Of course it didn’t. It’s a car; any feelings or sentiment were only going to come from from my wife or me.

But as it was being hooked to the back of the tow truck — not even on the flatbed because a truck was already there — I felt it important to acknowledge the 2003 Toyota Corolla that had been our longer-drive car, and run incredibly well right until the end.

Because it had done good. It had done real good.

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