All about the details

The president of my alma mater recently sent an update on the school’s reopening, and it’s so far … so good.

According to the report, after a week’s worth of classes, there had only been four positive COVID-19 tests, and two of those had been “safely resolved.”

Contrast that with another local college, where they’ve already suspended in-person classes for two weeks, and the governor has sent a “SWAT team” to help deal with the situation.

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When there was nothing else, there was walking

I’ve always been more of a banana bread guy, but remember when making sourdough bread was a thing?

And toilet paper!?!? People were literally obsessed with finding toilet paper. It actually felt like a triumph to score some.

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Stay away from others at the beach? OK!

I must confess that I’m of two minds about beaches reopening.

On one hand, it’s the beach, and beaches are awesome. Plus people need to get outside, and a lot of beaches are convenient large, wide-open spaces to do just that.

On the other hand — and I guess I should think this way about parks, too — it feels like unless there are strict rules that are strictly enforced, it feels like giving an inch to people who will take a mile.

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Anything is possible, until it isn’t

First the was the flight — overnight, over water, over-tired me at the end because I didn’t sleep.

Then there was the train from the airport to the hotel, keeping an eye on our luggage so it didn’t roll away.

Then, before everything else, there was this view out the hotel room window.

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Tales from a world gone weird

Suzi came back from a trip to the store with supplies that included milk and Nutella — the latter of which we’re sure is going to be currency if and when the apocalypse comes — and a proclamation that she was going to send me out for errands from now on.

Not because she hates doing them, and definitely not because I’m better at them … but because she said there’s so much material out there for writing.

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