The week gone by — April 25

It somehow slipped through the cracks that Sasha was out of her canned cat food, so I went to the store.

I made sure to get the sliced poultry and beef and not the pate, because she hates the pate.

They didn’t have the extra gravy that she likes, so I grabbed a 24-pack and noticed something interesting as I turned it over.

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Christmas trees are not snacks

Back when we had multiple cats, they used to compete — or at least we imagined it that way — to be the Christmas Kitty every year.

Basically, it was which one of them looked cutest under the tree.

Sasha’s our only cat now, but she carries on the tradition well.

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Sorry … try something else

As my wife and I were driving to lunch today through a neighborhood of fancy suburban homes, we saw a few lawn signs that read “Drive like your pets live here.”

This clearly is an attempt to get the childless set to slow down, since we’re not going to drive like our kids live there if we don’t have any, right?

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Sasha’s greatest triumph

Although she once accidentally turned the oven on by walking across it, we haven’t been all that strict about keeping our cat Sasha off tables and countertops, especially if there’s no food on them.

However, there’s one thing we have consistently denied her.

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Rise and shine!

Over the last several weeks, our cat Sasha has gotten into the habit of waking up my wife at 4 a.m., including on weekends.

And now, upon learning about an article by Hilary Potkewitz in The Wall Street Journal titled “Why 4 a.m. Is the Most Productive Hour,” she feels fully justified in doing so.

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Do cats know it’s their birthday?

Sometime in the period this morning between starting to wake up because going to bed early doesn’t help when your body is trained to only sleep about seven hours and when the alarm went off at 5:15 a.m., my cat Sasha climbed on me.

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