Adventures in learning to drive

I recently saw a humorous post from Bex over at BEXoxoBlog about cars and birthdays and learning to drive that inspired me to talk about some of my own experiences.

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Loaner car … I hardly knew you

To the loaner car with Pennsylvania license plates I got from the dealership …

What is your life like? I saw the name and address of a rental car company on the back of your key. Does the dealership call down to the rental car place to borrow you when they need a car for a customer?

Or did you used to be a rental car, but you’ve been phased out? Is that disappointing, a life of temporary hauls for otherwise-inconvenienced customers instead of adventures to and fro?

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Rockin’ the Bananamobile

My wife and I had just flown from Boston to Los Angeles, and then successfully navigated the baggage claim at LAX.

All we had to do was pick up our rental car, and we’d be off on our adventures.

And that’s when the fun — and by “fun,” I mean “not fun” — started.

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Farewell to the old car, hello to the new one

The car didn’t hear me say it had done good.

Of course it didn’t. It’s a car; any feelings or sentiment were only going to come from from my wife or me.

But as it was being hooked to the back of the tow truck — not even on the flatbed because a truck was already there — I felt it important to acknowledge the 2003 Toyota Corolla that had been our longer-drive car, and run incredibly well right until the end.

Because it had done good. It had done real good.

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