Never thought much about borders before …

Blink, and you’ll miss it.

Look anywhere but the side of the road, and you’ll miss it.

Try very hard to run the car in front of you off the road because they’re trying to figure out where to turn and you just have to get where you’re going right now, and you’ll miss it.

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Scratching my Montreal itch

Originally published June 19, 2017. What happens when you go back to someplace you loved the first time, but it doesn’t quite click?

In 2001, my then-fiancée (now my wife) and I drove to Montreal for a long weekend.

We only had about one full day in the city, and it rained that day, so I had always felt a little cheated and wanted to go back.

Now, I’m back, and have been for the past few days. And while I’ve enjoyed it, something hasn’t quite felt right.

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Happy Canada Day!

In honor of today’s Canada Day — we were in Montreal and Ottawa right before last year’s 150th anniversary of confederation — here are some photo highlights of my trips to those cities, as well as Toronto, Quebec City and Vancouver. Continue reading “Happy Canada Day!”