The week gone by — Nov. 15

I wanted to watch something, probably a NASCAR race, that Suzi wasn’t interested in, so I went into the other room.

When it was over, Suzi had something I didn’t recognize on the living room TV.

”What are you watching?” I asked.

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The week gone by — Jan. 5

We left the Christmas lights up ’til January, but they’re down now. So are the cards and the tree.

If the holiday season wasn’t already over — since I don’t wait for Epiphany — not only did my friend Bob’s family holiday note arrive telling the tales of their madcap adventures from the previous year, but I finished the last of the egg nog.

See you next November.

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We all want the same thing

What did you do over the weekend?

Whether you answer or not, you probably thought about what you’d say for at least a second.

And I’d be willing to guess you probably weren’t thinking about the breakfast you ate or the shower you took.

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Mystery Blogger Award

Of all the superpowers I could have, I think the one I wouldn’t want is superhuman strength.

Sure, it would be great for twisting the tops off of cans and lifting cars off small children, but my wife Suzi tells me all the time now that I don’t know my own strength, and I’m not all that strong.

So I’m afraid that if you combined superhuman strength, my occasional lack of self-awareness and general klutziness, it could be destructive.

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Sunshine Blogger 🥇

Even though I’m usually the type to find a dark cloud in every silver lining, Girl on the Fly was kind enough to nominate me for the Sunshine Blogger Award (thanks much!), which means I’ll be answering 11 questions she asked about travel below.

But first, there are rules to be followed, and so I will follow those rules.

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A new place to find me

The blog is still the same … although perhaps you’ve noticed the new name. (That’s Silly pictured above. He was such a good kitty.)

However, I’ve set up a Twitter account strictly for the purposes of shamelessly plugging what I write, and writing that I think is interesting.

You can find it at @a_silly_place

Give it a follow, and tag me if you write stuff you think is cool!